status of database in availibility group

  • I setup a staging environment to test basic always on availability group on SQL servers standard Edition, hence it is  a basic availability group.

    After it setup, I manually failover from serverA (primary) to serverB (secondary). It works OK.

    Then I did another failover from serverB to ServerA.

    Now ServeA is the primary again, and database showing synchronized after I click resume data movement.

    But on the secondary node, I see the database with a status of Synchronizing. and even after I refresh many times, it seems still stuck and show synchronizing next to the database name.

    What the correct status it should show on secondary database?

    I remember when I first set it up, it shows restoring.


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • What is the availability mode?  Sync or Async?

    As you mention resume data movement I am going to say your in Async mode so yes the secondary database should be in a synchronising state.

    Only in Sync mode will it return to a synchronised state.


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