Statistic Gathering.

  • I need to be able to gather generic information regarding I/O. I want to know the number of reads & writes by database/table that occur on the SQL Server.

    When I need to trouble-shoot the system, I can then in turn compare the I/O table read/writes with information from Perfmon to figure out which tables are the hot spots of the application.

    This information could be used to create different drive arrays, and place tables into new filegroups pointing to these arrays.

    Another benefit would trend analyses by database/table for historical gathering.

  • Try

    set statistics io on

    You will have to somehow capture and parse this information as it is a print output. In QA , check the Messages tab.

    Steve Jones

  • Give the product SQL*Probe a go. Not too bad and may give what you want at a high level. Ive been onto them and have asked for more detailed information and read/write stats at a file-group and then object level. The company is subquery innovations.



    Chris Kempster
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