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    I have a report with a parameterized query. I want to set that parameter to be a static value (ex. "TableA"). I am having a difficult time in SSRS getting that to work.

    I tried a bunch of different things, and most of them either return 0 rows or error when I attempt to preview the report. Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish what I am looking for?



  • Jack Corbett

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    Create a hidden report parameter that has a default value and use that to populate the query parameter.

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    Thanks...I tried that and got

    "The report parameter 'ObjectName' has a DefaultValue or ValidValue that depends on Report paramter 'ReportParameter1'. Forward dependencies are not valid"

    I apologize, but this is my first stab at using SSRS, so I will probably need some step by step instructions 🙂



  • ricky.chauvin

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    I think this may be because you are trying to base your report on a value that does not exist until it has generated. A way round these kind of things is to leave the parameter out and then set up another report which needs it. Then when a user click on a "button" (read: pretty textbox) set the value there.

    Does that make sense?

  • Jason Selburg


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    Actually, it's less complicated than that. One (or more) of your parameters "depend" on the user's selection of another parameter. Simply move any paramter the relies on another parameter lower in the list of paramters. i.e. Have them appear in order.


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