Standby server setup in STD edition.

  • What is the best and easy way to setup standby server to avoid downtime using Sql server STD Edition? I cannot setup log shipping since don't have Sql server Enterprise Edition.

  • You certainly could do more log backup and right after the log backup finish, copy the file to the standby server and issue restore command with no_recovery. All of this could be done by using a schedule task to automate the process.

    The other way that I am looking into now is the fact that we could do differential backup. In a differential backup, the original database know when it has the last full backup and it backup diffential backup base on that last full backup. This eliminate the need to keep and account for every log backup since the last full backup.


  • standby server 3 mode:

    1> backup and restore

    2> replication

    3> log shipping

  • There's good stuff on this in BOL, but automating it is kind of messy.

    I have a log backup routine that formats the file <dbName><yyyymmddhhmi>.trn and saves to disk on the standby server. I then use this to feed another routine that gets any new files and restores them according to the BOL formula. The main programming issue was getting the files applied in the right order.

  • The SQL Server resource kit has a log-shipping lite version for use with the non-enterpirse edition. But, it only covers the trans files. I used it to build an enhanced version for fully automated log shipping, with full backups.

    If I ever get a free moment, I'll add it as a script or article.

    What's the business problem you're trying to solve?

    What's the business problem you're trying to solve?

  • I had the same problem. Here is what I did.

    I set up a cold standby server. I made full backups of the db every night and diff's every hour. I had jobs that I used to copy the backups to a directory on the cold standby server. That way if the main server went down, I could start the services on the cold server and have all the backups sitting there waiting to be restored. I achieved a standby server that I could bring up with a maximum of 1 hour data loss and 1 hour down time. Yours could be a little more depending on the size of the db's and logs.

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