Stairway to U-SQL Level 7: More Partition Schemes

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  • Can't wait for the next discussion about JOINS.

  • Glad you're enjoying the series. Quite a few articles to come yet...



  • The source files used throughout this series appear to no longer be available from the website you linked. They seem to have archived a lot of the website on 2016-07-01, and I was unable to find the same files using searches rather than your static URLs.

    Would it be possible to provide the original files some other way?

  • Hi there

    The files are still at their original location, it's possible the link in the article is incorrect (I'll investigate that).

    You can download them from here



  • Thanks Mike! I started by reading the series, but now I'm trying to follow along and actually do all the steps. I believe the expired URL is from Stairway 3, where it linked to where you originally got the files from. Other stairways in the series do link directly to your zip file which works.

    I'm running into another problem... in stairway 6 about 1/3 way in the code references a file /ssc_uk_postcodes/postcodes/postcodes.csv. It doesn't seem we've actually created this file. I thought that maybe this should be the file NSPL_MAY_2016.csv however the schema doesn't match. I've looked again at the previous parts of the series and I don't see any references to this file. Have I missed something?

  • Hello

    I'm afraid this was a mistake on my part - I'd somehow uploaded the wrong file. I've just replaced it, try the one that's there now.

    Sorry about that.



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