Stairway to SQL Server Indexes: Step 13, Insert Update Delete

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  • Arcticle has double header

  • You have a contradiction when you talks about page splits on inserts.


    Ascending Sequence:...Once a page becomes full, it stays full; resulting in little or no internal fragmentation.

    Descending Sequence:...The internal fragmentation is the same as

    the ascendingsequence scenario; at or near 100%.


    Either Ascending should be "at or near 100%" or Descending should be "little or no fragmentation".

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  • I think all the author is trying to say is that in both the cases there will be little de-fragmentation. So overall fragmentation will be near to 100.

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  • If a page contains ghosted records will it still split on insert?

  • There is a DML trigger defined on the table.

    Can you please let me know if this in actually cause delete/insert for updarte? I couldnt see this behaviour.


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  • great post.i read it through 1 to 15.

    but there is some mistake.for example,10th's list 2 is same as list one,which should be create table and load data instead of create view.

    and 15th,guildline,the explanation of why use include column is mistake.

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