Stairway to SQL Security

  • Rich Weissler

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    First I'll say that the Stairway series of articles are one of the most useful set of resources I've seen on-line for SQL. I'm one of those 'Accidental DBAs' who is trying to make good. I'm actually a little surprised there isn't already a Stairway series for SQL Security, but might suggest it as a viable topic.

    Possible topics (off the top of my head as a neophyte) might include:

    Logins, Users, Schema, and Roles

    Building Custom Roles

    Using Schemas, Views, and protecting data

    Procedure scope

    Certificates in SQL - creation, use, and gotchas

    Backups, Restores, and Storage - (More than just backing up the database... what to store, and what not to keep together.)

    Encryption - TDE, encrypting pwds/credit card numbers, etc.

    And I'm sure there are books worth of other advanced topics that I don't even know to reference yet...

  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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    Good ideas. We have a stairway in mind, just need to get it moving.

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