Stairway to Server-side Tracing - Step 6: How to Import Trace Data

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  • I have been usinging the AdHoc trace file for some time now. I typically save the trace files to a network share location for retention. The location is backed up to tape regularly. Recently I have attempted to review the files using the fn_trace_gettable and have found that regarding my SQL 2008 files, I cannot access the files and receive an error "either does not exist or is not a recognizable trace file. Or there was an error opening the file". I played with my trace and did find that if I saved the file to the local drive I don't encounter any problems. I also found that I have absolutely no problems using SQL 2005 and the fileshare location.

    Is there possibly a new bug regarding this matter? I thought this used to work with SQL 2008 but I'm not 100% sure I have attempted to view the log file since I have applied SP2.

    Any ideas? It's not very practical to save the files to a local drive as it will continue to rollover and take up drive space and It is not secure to save this information on the server.

  • You should be able to select from a remote trace file with fn_trace_gettable using a UNC path without problems. I just ran a cursory test and had no problems under SQL 2008 SP2. Is the error intermittent?

  • This has to be the best article I've read about traces ever.

    Please keep them coming with real world examples like the one from Listing 5 and 6.

    Much appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Best regards,

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  • I received the same error in a test environment where I was running SSMS 2008 on my local box but connected remotely to a SQL Server 2005 instance. I believe something changed in the .trc formatting from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 R2, but I'm not clear yet on exactly what it was. If anyone has information on the details of those changes, I'm very curious.

    And I agree with codebyo - great series!!

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