Stairway to MDX - Level 13: MDX Time/Date Series Functions: LastPeriods() and ParallelPeriod() Functions

  • if we are using not taking any row members and taking time dimensions on filter and if you select multiples is it works i tried but it is not working can you help me inthat

  • Great detail, and easy to follow for readers with English as a second language ... :-P:-)

  • Thanks for the detailed article.

  • I have a calculated Measure for parallel period.

    My requirement is when we are taking time dimension on filters and selecting multiple months it is showing error.Here i am not taking time dimension on row field . will it work with out taking time dimension on row field .when i am taking row field it is working fine if i use the some other calculation like getting the last member from the filter


  • I'm trying to create two named sets.  The first is a rolling 13 months, the second is the sum of those 13 rolling months.  LastPeriods() with .CurrentMembers doesn't appear to work as the result pulls all members.  If I use an explicit member the LastPeriods() function works, but does not roll.  My code is below.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    LastPeriods(13,[Time].[Default].&[2017P02])         'Works but doesn't roll
    LastPeriods(13,[Time].[Default].CurrentMember)    'Pulls all members rather than the last 13?
    SUM(LastPeriods(13,[Time].[Default].&[2017P02]),[Measures].[Value])  'Error - "Invalid Named Set Definition: The Axis0 function expects a tuple set expression for the argument. A string or numeric expression was used."

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