Stairway to Biml Level 7 – Populating the Database for a Custom Biml Framework

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    Andy Leonard, Chief Data Engineer, Enterprise Data & Analytics

  • I was able to work my way through building out multiple BIML files to create an entire solution for loading my data warehouse, including using the INFORMATION_SCHEMA views to dynamically build out drop and create table commands to create my staging tables from the source databases, and I was able to then use similar methods to build out data load packages and a master control package to run the data load packages and handle row count logging, errors, and automatic retries.  I am able to call all of the packages from a SQL Agent job so that I can rebuild my staging environment to pick up schema changes in my source before running the load packages, and I can use MSBuild to deploy the packages automatically once they are built, however, I am unable to find a way to programmatically call the generation of SSIS packages from a command or API...the equivalent of a right-click on the .biml file in a Visual Studio project.  Am I missing something, or did Varigence really leave out the ability to automate generation of SSIS packages?  I don't see a command line included with the VSIX installation, and I don't even see a .NET method that can be called from a console application to fake it.  Any idea how to close the automation circle on this?  This whole thing is pretty much useless to me if I have to open up visual Studio to generate new SSIS packages every time a developer makes a schema change to my source systems.  I really hope I'm missing something simple.  Is it possible to automate creation of SSIS packages?  If so, how is that accomplished?  Thanks!

  • This is only supported by BIML Studio, not BIML Express.

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