Stack Ranking

  • I've seen similar methods employed for the businesses I've worked for (mostly MMO publishers). It applied to non-operational and operations staff (me). I think it is fine for groups like a sales and marketing team. Even customer service centers. Doesn't make sense for career IT/ operations staff. Collaboration is key in these environments and introducing the motive to use the proverbial "bus" whereby everyone orchestrates their own promotion at the expense of others simply isnt worth it.

  • ben.mcintyre (7/19/2012)

    I think maybe the manager who thought that system up was a '2'.

    Thnat's crazy. There's no way he could rate higher than a 1.


  • Eric M Russell (7/23/2012)

    Regardless of that formal methodology is used for appraisals, I expect that most managers mentally "stack rank" the employees in their department anyhow. What we're talking about here is a process that makes it more transparent; at least the team members know where they stand.

    I don't know whether that's true or not. What I do know is that I've never used stack ranking except when forced to, and no manager I've respected ever has either. So I suspect you are wrong, although I don't know for sure.


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