SSRS to be migrated to Azure SQL Managed Instance

  • I need to be migrated the complete flow of SSRS to Azure Managed Instance as same like on prem to on prem. Tried doing of this but can see the options would be to restore “report server”  - stateless engine of the  SSRS, and report server databases which are responsible for storing the metadata (ReportServer) and temporary report results (ReportServerTempDB) only and don't see SSRS servcies ( like on prem) running in Azure for MI.

    Please help me out here to migrate the services as well or suggest me if this SSRS servcies not required to run at Azure MI. Can it be possible serve the requests to generate reports without having SSRS Services at MI ?



  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Can it possible to migrate the on prem SSRS to Azure Managed Instance ? I can see Hosting catalog databases for all supported versions of SSRS in Azure SQL Managed Instance. But don't think so work with Managed Instance for SSRS some thing like on prem SSRS. Please help me on this

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