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  • sindhupavani123

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    Hi there,

    I'm trying to refresh data every week and run subscriptions weekly.
    My question is,

    If email has sent to person already ( record in dataset) and the same person appears to be in the dataset next week, i would like to not send the subscription for him and would like to send email for the new persons only.


    Let's say :

    There are three records returned last week when run the query:

    Employee Id Employee Date
    1001 Saifa 07-08-2018
    1002 Oliver 06-08-2018
    1003 Varun 07-08-2018

    And this week the query returns 2 records :

    Employee Id Employee Date
    1001 Saifa 13-08-2018
    1005 Natasha 13-08-2018

    The email should only be sent to Natasha using SSRS subscriptions, how can this be possible?
    Please help.


  • Jo Pattyn


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    Is it possible to tune the data driven query for your subscriptions, so it only returns persons who weren't in the previous dataset?

  • codyleaf

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    It looks like the Saifa Date was updated/changed so yes it will be included into the next week. So make sure when using date fields and a driver for when things happen that you are choosing the correct field. So in this case only new use the field that holds the date the record was created like CreatedAtDate. This only gets it value when the record is created and this should fix your issue. And update the query to now use the new field in the where clause. 

    Cody L.

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