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    I'm dealing with a requirement that states all reports created in SSRS must be exported to and saved as an Excel version. However, setting up the subscription to use the native export to Excel function isn't adequate because the layout doesn't always carry over cleanly to Excel and there needs to be predefined settings with the print settings that do not carry over as well. A thought I had was to create a template in Excel for each report, set the subscription to export to a data feed, and then have a program open each template in order to refresh the data using an OData Feed connection and save the final report. As a side note, I'm dealing with an issue where exporting to a data feed isn't an option that I have a post for over on the SSRS 2106 forum Does anyone have experience doing something similar to know if this seems like the best solution? It definitely adds more steps but is the first step in moving all reporting to SSRS.

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    Are you just exporting a dataset, or are is there more involved? If the former, you could create a template Excel file, and then use SSIS to create a copy of that template and export to that copy.


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    There will some data manipulation to create matrices, charts, etc. From what I've read this can act as a source in Excel. The SSRS output will mirror the Excel version.

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