SSRS report subscription delivered via email condenses report to an undesireable size when viewed in Outlook

  • Hi friends - I've created a basic report that renders to 8.5in in width when I export to web archive format in Report Server. However, when I receive the report embedded in an e-mail it is condensed to an undesireable width. I understand the report is placed in a table withing the email body. Can I define the size of this table somehow?

    Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.



  • When you design a report you can define the page size.

    Under report properties you will see Interactive size, which is the page size used in when running it from the reports site and Page size, which is used when exporting the report.

    Hope this helps

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  • I have same problem. even if I change report properties layout size. in Email, the reports still not change. I test it in Sql 2005. but when I put it in Sql 2008. it is fine. any idea? please.

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