SSRS report server installation

  • If we want to install SQL server SSRS service on another server separating  it from the data source database server, what is the better option for installation? Option 1 or 2?

    1. to install SSRS service on a separate box, and also with database engine on same box, that hosts only reportdb and reportTempdb. and other system databases.
    2. to intall SSRS service on a sperate box that without database engine, but leave the ReportDB and ReportTempdb on a SQl server that has other data source databases on it.

    In both cases, I understand the two servers need to be licensed,  so license wise is the same. But I would like to know what is the best option regarding other aspects such as best practice, performance etc.



  • My preference is option 1 - as it separates SSRS from all data source systems.  It can be upgraded independently from any other data source and isn't tied to one specific application or SQL instance.  Since reports can be deployed and access any data source - of any type with an ODBC driver - it just doesn't make sense to tie the solution to a single applications database engine.

    The only time I would consider separating the database engine from the reporting services is in a scale-out deployment.  And for that I would have a dedicated database engine instance for the scale-out solution, with a server for the db engine and multiple servers for the web components.

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  • Thank you, yes option 1 is my preferred too, thanks for explaining that clearly.


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