SSRS report rows not summing correctly

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    I have produced a report in report builder. During the month the report runs ok, however when

    the report crosses into a new month e.g. January to February, it seems to split on the number of referrals whereas it should be a total number.

    Within my SQL code it shows the split with the Year-month.

    See example attached.

    In report builder template my number of breaches is a summed and so is the reason for breach.

    I have tried to sum my number of referrals but it is giving me 17 as the top line and then 184 as the bottom.

    Are there any expressions I can use to give me the correct sum for both rows which would be 63


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    I only have limited SSRS knowledge but it might help me or someone else help you if you could show your SQL code?

    From your comment "Within my SQL code..." it sounds like the problem might in that SQL.

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    You have a grouping that is segmenting the data by number of breaches

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