SSRS report rendering to PDF is failing. [RESOLVED]

  • This was resolved with a reboot...

    PDF rendering stopped working for no apparent reason. No changes were made. Users exported PDFs on Thur, but stopped working on Friday. Fails in Edge and Chrome. Doesn't matter what report could be 20 pages or a single record with 3 columns.

    Error from event log:

    Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.UnhandledReportRenderingException: An error occurred during rendering of the report. ---> Microsoft.ReportingServices.OnDemandReportRendering.ReportRenderingException: An error occurred during rendering of the report. ---> System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid.


    All other formats work fine. Could this be an Adobe licensing thing?

    MS has some explanations here but there's nothing in the config specific to any of these items.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    • This topic was modified 9 months, 3 weeks ago by  TangoVictor.
  • Were Windows updates installed?

    Sounds like a query or data issue. Do the affected reports have anything (e.g, a parameter) in common?

    Did something change in stored procedure(s)? New data that might be inconsistent (e.g., null when null isn't expected or unexpected datatype or length)? Were reports re-deployed unbenownst?

    Do you have trace files or extended events to show the queries that were executed? If not, I'd suggest reproducing to capture the queries.

    In either case, execute the queries and look for the unexpected.

  • Tech guys said no Windows updates were installed.

    Everything I've tested works fine for other formats, it's just PDF. Maybe there was an automated update.

    The only thing I haven't tried yet is to create a new report and test it. Will be doing that shortly.

  • The query: "SELECT 1" fails to export to PDF.  It's not data related. Also there's only 2 of us that would change these reports and the other person was on vacation when it stopped working.

  • Reboot of the server resolved the issue.

  • Glad to hear it!

    First rule of tech support. 🙂

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