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    I have a table that has a dept_id, sect_id, div_id, item_id, and description.  The data will be reported on base on the users entry on dept_id, sect_id, div_id and item_id. For some reason I cannot work out the parameter entries in such a way that it is interactive depending on the user input. I mean when user

    • Input dept_id, the sect_id will be automatically populated with all valid sect_ids with the same dept_id, and div_id will be pre-selected base on dept_id and sect_id combination
    • When user input sect_id with entering dept_id, then dept_id will be pre-selected base on the sect_id and div_id will be populated base on dept_id and sect_id combination
    • When user input div_id then sect_id will be populated together with dept_id

    So far, I was able to do the first one, by setting a query/dataset on the default values and available values on the parameter properties but not the second and third,i'm getting error like a "forward passing... not supprted" sort of error.  The 3 parameters can accepts null and blank set on their properties.

    Sample data below:

    Dept    Section    Division    Item     Description

    1          1              1               1          Data 1

    1          1               1               2         Data 2

    1          1               2               3         Data 3

    1          1               2               4         Data 4

    1          2               3               5         Data 5

    1          2               3               6         Data 6

    2          1              4                7         Data 7

    2          1               4               8         Data 8

    How do I set up the report to achieve the behaviour I want, any clue or ideas will be much appreciated.


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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