SSRS report download fails

  • Hi.

    I am trying to download a report from SSRS 2019 in word format and fails with error as below:

    An error occurred during rendering of the report. (rrRenderingError)

    The type initializer for 'MS.Utility.EventTrace' threw an exception.

    Requested registry access is not allowed.

    Same case with Excel. Only PDF works.

    The cases when I am able to download in word format is when I remove the execution account that is used for the reports.

    Other case is when I use the same execution account in the service account. This also works.

    But this seems like a workaround and in our organization we have service account as a Group Managed Service account that needs to be used for reporting service. The execution account is different and its an application account that we are using. This execution account has admin access on the server and appropriate SQL Server access as well.

    I am thinking if there is some other permissions that needed for the execution account? Or anything else that you guys know of ? Let me know please


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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