SSRS Report doesn't refresh data

  • Hi all,

    I have SSRS Report that uses SP as a source. I have one filter - Activation Date and use such script for it:

    select distinct [Activation Date]

    from TableTest.

    Every month data in the TableTest updates. But in the SSRS filter I didn't see updated value.

    When I execute a query in the filter, save report and open it again - only after that I can see updated data.

    Does SSRS can update this data automatically?

  • It should update.

    SSRS does cache data between report executions, but (as far as I know) this caching is only at the session level.

    Activation Date is a runtime parameter, is that correct?

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  • Are you running this report within Visual Studio, or within the SSRS Web Portal? If within Visual Studio, you might want to delete the report's cached data file and then rerun the report. It'll be the file for the report.


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