SSRS Query Designer not showing newly added measures

  • We have recently added new measures to our existing cube (that was originally developed in SSAS 2012 and then we stood up SSAS 2019) in dev and test. When I go into my SSRS project using VS 2015, then the query designer and refresh my connection to SSAS 2019, the measures that were developed in 2012 appear however, new measures developed in SSAS 2019 do not appear. Even when I type the name of the measure in the search model or expand the measure group they are in, I still cannot see them. I do see the existing measures though. However, when I am connected to the cube via excel, I can see the new measures for both dev and test environments. I have made sure that I am connecting to the same cube in both VS 2015 and Excel.

    I have restarted my pc, refreshed my connection in the query designer and still I am not able to see the new measures that were just recently created. This has been a bit of a blocker for me. Do you have any suggestions on how to resolve this issue? I have never seen this happen before.

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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