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  • I have a main report calling three subreports. The subreports are being grouped together by the CourseID field. Page 1 shows course 1 for the first two reports. The third subpreport is for comments. If course 1 has comments, they will show up on page 2. If there were no comments, page 2 will be first two subreports for course 2.

    The problem is that a blank page is showing up on page 2 when there are no comments for the course.

    I have a tried grouping the three subreports in two different ways, as shown in the image below. The attempt 1 is the one displaying the issue I just described. Attempt 2 does not insert a blank page, but it does not page break on the comments subreport either. It adds the comments to the bottom of the 2nd report.

    I removed the page break between each group instance in the group properties and tablix properties of the 3rd report because it was not making a difference whether or not I had them anyway.

    I also have ConsumeWhitespaceContainer enabled on the main report properties. It adds several more empty pages if set to false.

    Is there a setting I am missing in the design view?


    Screenshot 2021-04-15 153146

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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • The screenshot doesn't show up so I don't know exactly what your layout is.

    What if you set the Hidden property on your comments subreport to hide the report when there are no comments.

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