SSRS Hexadecimal 0X0B error

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am new to SSRS, I have a question I am creating report template in SSRS  using “Microsoft Report Builder” for  archive projects where I am connected to SharePoint Archive Site.

    SharePoint "Project" list has Justification Text column (multiline text), when I am trying to retrieve Justification data I am getting “Hexadecimal 0xOB” error.

    If possible can anyone  help me with below mentioned solutions for the same:-

    Can we strip out unprintable characters or

    Can we visible those characters in my report or

    Can we ignore those characters in SSRS report


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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Without knowing your data, it might be as simple as that the VT control character is used in your column to indicate a line break, instead of the more "normal" CRLF or LF.

    So you might try to do a simple replace from VT to CRLF or to LF and see where that leads you.

    SELECT REPLACE(Justification, CHAR(11),CONCAT(CHAR(13),CHAR(10))) AS Justification -- VT -> CRLF

    SELECT REPLACE(Justification, CHAR(11),CHAR(10)) AS Justification -- VT -> LF

  • Hi Kaj,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Data is just text- multiline text. I found out that symbols are not creating issue it's a space which is creating a issue.

    I tried replacing space with  =Replace((Fields!Justification_Text.Value," ",""),Fields!Justification_Text.Value) this expression but no luck. My database is SharePoint not SQL

    Do you think I am using correct expression to replace space with no space?



  • I'm not fluent in the SSRS VBA syntax, but that replace looks strange. I think you need only the "inner" parameters, i.e.

    =Replace(Fields!Justification_Text.Value," ","")

    But since the error message mentions the VT control character (0x0B), I think you should also be aware that it might only look like a blank. Non-printable control character will often look like a blank in Notepad for example. You'd need something like Notepad++ in order to actually see such control characters.

    If so then this should replace the 0x0B character:




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