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    hopefully this makes sense, but i am a little familiar using SSRS function code to grab build in variables like date or page number and use them from header to body, BUT, now i want to be able to use something that is from the body, into the header... but not sure how to do that in the function, below is the url link that i used to get global variable like page number into the body of the SSRS, but not sure how to do that going from body to header, any ideas?

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  • I have a report where I use values from a dataset in the header. I just use an expression rather than code at the report level to access the data.

    I have a dataset named TopOfPage which returns one row of data though it could return multiple rows because I am just going to reference the first row.

    I have a textbox in the page header with the following expression:

    =First(Fields!OrderNumber.Value, "TopOfPage")

    Another scenario could be if you have a textbox in the body, let's call it Textbox1. You could reference that through an expression in the page header.


    I don't know if either of those will help you out. If not, maybe you could provide more information about what type of object/data you are trying to access in the body to display in the header. If you are unfamiliar with expressions, I could reply with more information about expressions.

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