SSRS Downgrade 2019 to 2017

  • We are currently running SQL Server 2017 and I installed SSRS 2019 evaluation by an accident, only realizing after users had been working on it. What would be the best procedure to downgrade from SSRS 2019 to 2017 without affecting the reports already created?

    I have created a test environment and uninstalled 2019 and installed 2017, but then it gives me the error saying you are trying to use the scale-out deployment feature on a edition of SSRS/SQL Server that does not support it. I then removed the row from the Keys table which referred to the 2019 version so I am now able to access the webservice URL but not the webportal URL. The trace logs mention the database schema version is newer than service schema version.

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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