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  • abdalah.mehdoini

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    Hello everyone

    I would like to modify my report ssrs way if there is no data to post a text field appears saying that there is no data to display during this period

    thank you

    Sans titre

  • jonathan.crawford


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    In your dataset, check to see if your results are null, if so, return "No Data Available" or some such in one of your fields in the SELECT. So, for instance, run everything into a temp table rather than just pulling it back. Add an IF @@rowcount = 0 BEGIN SELECT 'No Data available' AS Serveur END

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  • Andrey

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    you can create textbox with desired text and make it visible only when there are 0 (zero) records in the dataset


    visibility expression :

  • David Burrows

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    Add a new row at the end of the table outside of any groups

    Add text and format the row

    Change the row visibility to hide the row if the dataset contains rows

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