SSRS cascading parameter doesn't change value when upstream parameters change

  • My report has a title that is based on the values in a couple of parameters. I'd like to add a feature to the report where the user can overtype the value for that title when the logic that sets it doesn't give quite the result they'd like.

    I tried adding a parameter for that title for which I set a default based on the title returned in the dataset based on those other 2 parameters. That seemed to work great, I'd enter an account ID and press tab and the title parameter was filled in. I could overtype that and the amended text would appear as the title of the report.

    However, if I enter a new account ID and press tab, the title remains as that I typed earlier instead of being refreshed as I'd expect.

    I thought that setting Always Refresh on the Title parameter would do the trick but it doesn't.

    This screen capture shows the starting position when I first click Preview in Visual Studio. The parameter I refer to as Title above is the one marked Cover Page Name.


    I enter a value for Account ID and press tab and the Cover Page Name is filled in.


    I overtyped it with the value I want to use instead and run the report where the revised text appears.


    I then changed the Account ID and pressed tab but the Cover Page Name parameter is not updated.


    Can anyone advise on what I've done wrong?


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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