SSRS and SharePoint

  • We currently have SSRS 2017 and are looking at adding SharePoint to our environment.  The question has come up as to whether we should implement SharePoint with Reporting Services or without and keep our SSRS 2017 separate as it is.

    I'm just starting out with Reporting Services and have no experience with SharePoint.  I'm not sure if it even matters.  As far as I can tell, if we implement SharePoint without Reporting Services, we could still use URL links in SharePoint that point to any desired report that is in our SSRS 2017.  I think keeping them separate may be better because it may be a little less complex to maintain and upgrade separately.  I'm not sure if there is anything that can be done in SharePoint with Reporting Services that can not be done when they are separate.

    Is there anyone with more experience than myself who knows whether SharePoint and Reporting Services are better together or separate?



  • SQL Server 2016 was the last version that supported integrating Sharepoint and SSRS.  It's a standalone installation of SSRS with 2017 and above.


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