SSRS and one-way trust

  • Dave-739983

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    I was wondering if any one has encountered the following and as such found a solution.


    - server 01 is in domain A (Windows 2003, MSSQL 2005).

    - workstation 01 is in domain B (Windows XP, IE8... I know stop laughing).

    - AD accounts come from domain B.

    Previously our end-users would have to use a separate account from domain A to access SSRS, but recently we setup a one-way trust from domain A to domain B hoping that end-users would no longer have to use a separate account and with the right SSRS configuration of domain B users, the trust would kick in.

    The problem is that it is not working, the error I am getting is "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error" in IE. To add to my confusion if I connect server 02 which is Windows 2008R2 with MSSQL 2012 it works perfectly.

    Does anyone know what I am missing... I know that MSSQL 2005 uses IIS while MSSQL 2012 does not, but I am at a loss to know who to fix this... "help!!!". 🙁

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  • Joie Andrew

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    What is shown in the SSRS logs? Just to verify from domain B you can resolve the SSRS server URL on domain A?

    Joie Andrew
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  • Dave-739983

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    First of all Joie, thank you for your reply, time and effort.

    With the logs, that part really throws me... there is nothing in the logs for the time frame when I attempt to connect. As for the domain to domain resolve, yes they can see each other.

    For some reason, given it works on the server running Win08R2/MSSQL08R2 but not the server running Win03/MSSQL05, then I can not help but think it is a IIS issue, but again the logs for that are dry too. 🙁

    Maybe I need to start investigating from the workstation...

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