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    I have interesting situation. I have few people on one domain where everyone can easily access SSRS reports with windows authentication. But some other just few miles away in different building in totally different domain. I want them to give access to SSRS, if not modification atleast so that they can view SSRS reports.

    1) Is it possible to access SSRS cross domain ?

    2) if yes, what settings/authentication/changes i need to do on SSRS server or client machine to have that access ?


  • Thom A

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    You can do this, yes, but the two domains will need to have trust between each other, so that you can authenticate still.

    Access the SSRS portal, and hover over the folder you want to give users access to and click security (See screenshot 1).

    The folder is probably set to inherit permissions, so click Edit Item Security, Which should provide you with a pop up asking if you're sure you want to apply different security settings to the parents, Click ok. Now click "New Role Assignment". Enter the name/group (with Domain) that you want to have access to the folder, and the role they need (see Screenshot 2) and click ok.

    The users will then be able to access reports in that repository.


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    And this is why I wish SSRS supported ADFS claims authentication out of the box.

    If you can, a trust is the way to go. If you cannot you might need to setup some type of forms-based authentication, but I believe it will take coding on your part to get it to work.

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