ssrs 2012 report parameters not being displayed at the end of the report

  • wendy elizabeth


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    I am working on an ssrs 2012 report where I want to display all the parameter values at the end of the report. In most cases this always works for most reports that I am working on.
    However this report is made of lots of rectangles with all the information embedded in tablixes when each rectangle. This report also displays run date and page numbers on the footer of the report.
    I  tried to place the parameters Tablix between the last rectangle and the footer and the parameters Tablix did not display. I then also tried to place the parameters report Tablix within a rectangle of itself and that did not work.
    Thus I am wondering if you can suggest what I can do to have the parameters Tablix values display at the end of the report. The Tablix is pointing to a dataset that is not really needed just to fix Tablix requirement.

  • giles.clapham


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    Hi, I'm not saying this is the issue but I've had similar issues when one of my rectangles just overlapped the item I'm trying to display, even by the tiniest amount, causing it not to display.
    Best of luck

  • jonathan.crawford


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    Why not just put them in the header or footer?

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