SSRS 2012 Email Relay question

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    I am trying to figure out if it is possible to send SSRS subscriptions via email directly through our office 365 environment, and I am having issues. I can't seem to find documentation of if this is possible in SSRS 2012 (I know they added it in 2016)., and what settings I need to set in the rsreportserver.config file if it is possible.


    Currently we have our SSRS pointed to another server running IIS and using the SMTP relay there which then sends it through office 365. I am looking to cut out this step if possible because I think it is causing some issues, one being if there are multiple distro groups nested in the subscription it fails to send. Thanks for any insight you can provide.

  • Considering that Office 365  didn't exist in 2012, then it might not be able to, if I am honest. If you know support is on SQL Server 2016+, however, and this is something you need then it's just another reason to get your instance update; 2012 only has 7 weeks of (extended) support left.


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