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    How do you convert a Data field that is feet to miles on a expression.

    For instance the name of the field is PipeLen.value

  • Andrew P

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    According to the length of a mile is 0.00018939394 feet.

    The SSRS expression to do this is:

    =Fields!PipeLen.Value * 0.00018939394



  • Ken Hiatt


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    Since 1 mile is 5280 feet and your field is storing the data in feet, just divide your field by 5280.

    When you divide 1 by 5280 you get .000189393 with the 93 repeating to infinity, so to use multiplication to get your answer, you lose accuracy. Ex. Working with a 10 digit decimal, 5280 * .0001893934 = 1.0000000032, whereas 5280 / 5280 = 1.

  • gvoshol 73146

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    Don't forget to use floating-point math, not integer math, when you're dividing by 5280.

    For example, 660 feet is 1/8 of a mile.

    SELECT 660/5280
    SELECT 660/5280.0

    The result of the first statement is 0 because it is using integer math and it rounds to the nearest integer result

    The result of the second statement is the expected value of 0.125


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