SSRS 2005 Report Header not generating data in print view or pdf

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    I'm experiencing a problem where I have placed reportitems!textboxNN data from the body of the report into fields in the header section of the report and wish to repeat this header information on every page. It renders fine for viewing but is not generating the data in either print view or pdf. The text boxes and labels render but the data is missing. Is there another technique for maintaining header information, like placing code in the code section of the page and possibly referring to a table of data?

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  • To add to this post, I have now removed the page header and have started using a group header. The funny thing is the group header works much better but not perfect. It renders headings on every page in view mode but only prints on most pages to pdf. I do have several subreports and it appears to skip the group heading consistently at the only subreport that has two groups with two tables (one nested table). I hope some of this provides some benefit to others and of course would love to hear a more expert opinion for my remaining problem. As a test I will remove the 'problem' subreport to confirm and then remove the others and only use the questionable subreport to try to figure this out. There are no page breaks set by any groups/tables/etc., other than the parent report's primary group. Thanks again for your time.

  • I removed what I thought was the problem subreport with the same results. If this is an SSRS limitation I wish it was clearly explained by MS but I have yet to see it explained. Doesn't everyone else out there need to sometimes have this requirement?

  • I've had the same issue but the pattern we're seeing (for the most part) is the header does not repeat on the following page if no detail rows exist for the page but the page footer does. This has been extremely frustrating for us as well.

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