SSMS: Remove highlight in current cell of grid output

  • I'm trying to capture some screen shots of query results for documentation. I'd like to remove the highlight that's placed on the current cell of the grid output (initially the first row, first column). If there are more columns or rows that fit on the screen, I can scroll to a cell that would be off-screen, click on it, then scroll back to take my screenshot. However, if there are only a few columns or rows, I have no where to hide the highlighted cell. Is there a way that I can turn it off so my screenshots look better?

  • What version of SSMS? I'm using 18.12.1, and it doesn't select any cell by default -- I have to have clicked on it first.

  • I just upgraded to the latest version and it has the same functionality. I thought perhaps it had to do with an automatic switch to the results pane, but that wasn't it. I attached an image of what I'm referencing.

    Screenshot 2022-08-12 135046

  • Oh, right, sorry. Yes, I do see that more subtle highlighting on the first cell.

    If you don't want that, then O don't know any way short of exporting to Excel and getting your screenshot from that... or maybe an image editor to change the fill.

  • Looking at this from a different angle ....

    If you click on the upper left corner, it highlights all the cells.  That way you wont have a highlighted cell in the image.

  • Just played around with this & couldn't find a way to solve it. As already suggested, you could

    Select All / Copy with headers / Paste to Excel

    if you really dislike the highlighting.

    If you haven't even tried to resolve your issue, please don't expect the hard-working volunteers here to waste their time providing links to answers which you could easily have found yourself.

  • Your could try to use Azure Data Studio as an alternative tool for your documentation.

  • That's a good point and worth pursuing.

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