SSMS & Database snapshot

  • Looks like the true and false percentages are still showing the old numbers (True 46%, False 30%, It Depends 24%) even though the total number of correct answers shows 100%. Not that it really matters, just a little confusing.

  • I didn't changed any answers, just marked them as correct, so it probably still shows the old percentages. Not sure what I want to do here, since I don't want to change what is the correct answer.

  • Ok, I don't think anyone will lose sleep over it. Just wanted to bring it to your attention if it wasn't intended.

  • Yup I'm one of the 2% who got it wrong.

    Because I define SSMS as a GUI. It has menus and icons. Granted I open a big text window and type SQL commands into it and execute them, but it's still a GUI.

    Which left me in the land of trying to psychoanalyze the qotd writer as to what his definition of a GUI was.

    I guessed wrong.

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  • Thanks for the question.

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  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor (12/3/2010)

    ...but I have felt when talking with people over the last few years that using SSMS means using a GUI, not T-SQL code...

    SSMS is my definite main editor for writing and running T-SQL, so for me SSMS is both for T-SQL and GUI stuff.

  • Thanks for the question, though I didn't have as much of a problem as others since it had been edited by the time I got to it.

  • very interesting to come to this question late after it was edited. amusing to see an option 'do not pick this' and 22% of people had!

    I thought april 1st had come early. 🙂


  • From the e-mail I received on Friday morning, the question was the original question, so it did not mention the "GUI" modification.

    So, when I read the question, my answer was "yes" because I did create database snapshot with SSMS while I was learning about it. Because I did not "re-read" the question on the web site, my answer was wrong.

    So I lost one point because I did not read again the question, but frankly, I don't think I would have got it anyway 🙂

  • The question was little confusing !!


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