SSMA to migrate data from oracle to sqlserver

  • We migrated data from oracle to sqlserver using SSMA but when we see data of sqlserver on .NET GUI, formatting is different than oracle data display on .NET GUI.

    For an example

    we are able to see data of oracle on .NET GUI of a spectific column of grid :


    How are you ?

    But in sql server all data is displaying in single line like :

    Hello How are you ?

    We executed below command on sql server but still able to see data in single row :

    update table_name set column_name =replace(column_name,'',char(13)+char(10))

    Can you please provide us solution as soon as possible ?

  • in the SSMS grid, in order to force visibility of the data , for display purposes only,Carriage Returns and Line Feeds are turned into spaces; however the data truly still contains the original CrLf;

    if you click Control+T (test mode) and rerun your query, you'll see the formatting.

    SSMS is a utility,and not a real reporting tool;

    the data exported to raw text, like delimited CV, would have your formatting; excel might show the CrLf, or it might hid eit as well; excel likes to format data it thinks it recognizes.


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  • we are not displaying data into SSMS grid.we are displaying data into .net gridview.

    I had already checked , it is not an application issue.

    we are using collation as Latin1_General_Bin in sqlserver. Is it the cause ?

    When we run query of oracle in sql developer and paste the output of specific column in notepad++, it shows the LF character but

    same out put of sqlserver does not show LF character in notepad++.

    Still I am not able to find out the root cause why LF character is not shown in sqlserver, we migrated the data using SSMA from oracle to sqlserver .

    Will we have to do some setting change in SSMA while migrating data of varchar column ?

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