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    Hi Gurus,

    I need advice.I am working on Project to Automate some manual project.

    Here are the steps
    1) Attach Oracle database.
    2) Then Load the Data (almost 20 tables) from Oracle to SQL Staging Environment
    3) Last step Load data from SQL Staging To SQL Prod

    I kind of have an idea and plan to automate 2nd and 3rd steps.

    My question is Is it possible to create SSIS Project to accomplish above steps? I am going
    to use SSIS for 2nd and 3rd step.

    Is it possible to create .BAT file when the user doubles click the .BST file message or new
    window pop up
    Oracle Database Name =?
    SQL Server =?
    SQL Database =?

    Then user will enter above info. Once it's done hit SUBMIT and behind the seen.
    Create Oracle DB/Load data from Oracle To SQL Staging/SQL Staging To SQL Prod.

    Please any advice would be great appreciated.

    Thank You.

  • Sue_H

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    Many things are possible anymore these days and it becomes a matter of choosing which obstacles you need to deal with.

    You could do this with a package but would need to manage the variables. How you do that depends on what versions you are on, how you need to manage security in your environments and probably other things I'm not thinking of.
    I'm not sure what you mean by clicking on a bst file message - have no idea what that is. But you could look into different options on how to do this by using a stored procedure or a job or using a table for variables or using SSISDB. It really all depends. You may want to look at the different options and try to figure out which ones work best for your environment. You could search on something like execute ssis package from job or stored procedure with parameters
    and go through the different options. Here are a few to get you started:

    Execute SSIS Package from Stored Procedure with Parameters using DTEXEC Utility
    Step by step of executing SSIS 2012 package through stored procedure
    Run SSIS Package from Stored Procedure


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