SSIS won't connect to Oracle issue after ODAC driver un-install & re-install.

  • Hi,

    I installed the ODTwithODAC1120320_32bit drivers and client and could successfully connect SSIS to an Oracle database.

    I noticed that the installation had defaulted to the E: drive which is where the data files are on that server.

    In the spirit of trying to follow best practice I uninstalled ODTwithODAC1120320_32bit and reinstalled them in the correct drive D:

    When I try and connect SSIS to oracle again it fails with the following error message:

    "Test connection failed because of an error in initializing provider. Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-01019"

    I set up the TNS Names in ODBC DataSources and can connect successfully when I test there. So it seems like the problem is in VS / SSIS

    Has anybody experienced this before? Any ideas?



  • Did you check your system variables for multiple or incorrect ORACLE_HOME directories? It's often an issue with that setting.


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