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  • I think this question was misleading. All of the activeX script tasks in DTS will be converted to activeX script tasks in SSIS. They will likely have issues but they will be migrated, which is what the question asked.

  • Agreed. A poorly written question, where even the explanation technically supports both answers.

  • I felt the question was misleading as well. The ActiveX Task will migrate from SQL 2K DTS to SSIS, but the SSIS version may or may not execute properly depending upon how the task is utilized.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion. Infact, now I felt, it a little misleading.

    The intention of the question is what the probability of success in migrating a package and running without doing any modification is 0% for ActiveX Script Tasks.

    However, when one expects to upgrade his package, he does not expect a code that does not work. We expect it to be ready, with the slightest of modifications.

    (Wherever he is present, please read as he/she).

  • Glad to see that Karteek accepts his mistakes. This is a very good quality. Keep the good work...

  • I liked the question, and was rather surprised to see the comments saying that it's ambiguous.

    I suppose that people have got so used to MS thinking they have done something useful when all they've actually done is create a shoddy mess that they have come to believe that "migrate a script" means "bodge up something that has no chance of working"; the question is only ambiguous if that is your meaning for "migrate" - of course it is MS's meaning, but MS sometimes get things wrong, don't they.


  • Thanks Anirban

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