SSIS Pkg Runs Fine in VS1017 But Fails in SSIS Catalog

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    I have an SSIS project that contains 3 individual SSIS packages. I can run these packages successfully all day long within the VS2017 IDE & they run without error.

    I had a lot of initial difficulty deploying the project/pkgs from VS2017 to the "SSISDB" catalog. It gave me errors stating that I did not have permissions to create a new folder within that primary SSISDB folder. That was due to the fact that I was logged in as SA and it stated I had to be logged in to do the deployment using an account that was of the integrated authorization type. I created a new account of the appropriate type and was successfully able to create my new folder and get the project and packages deployed over to my desired SQL Server box.

    I wanted to then go over to the SQL Server instance under the catalog area and try to execute one of the packages from there. That's where I'm running into issues, as any package I tried to execute straight out of the ssisdb catalog by right - clicking and choosing "Execute" shows as failed. I'm trying to execute the packages using the same new user that I created that finally allowed me to successfully do the deploy of the project and associated packages from VS2017 over to SQL Server.

    I am thinking there is something I'm still missing as far as maybe needing some additional privileges or rights assigned that allow successful execution of these packages straight from the ssisdb catalog within SQL Server.

    Any tips or suggestions or revelations that I have not thought of are very much appreciated! Thank you.


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