SSIS performance issue: Data load from sqlserver2016 (EC2) - Mysql8.0 (RDS)

  • Hi,

    I am trying to Full Load  from Table on sqlserver(2016) to a table on Aurora My Sql database (RDS).The table has 1M records and taking 3 hrs to load it when I run it as a job on server. I am using ODBC 32 bit driver  and Provider on the ETL side.

    The same query is taking 1 min to load data from Sql server to a text file.

    Any help is much appreciated!



  • The fact that the load to text file is quick suggests (to me, at least) that one or both of

    • Bandwidth between SQL Server database and RDS
    • The Aurora database

    is probably where the bottleneck is occurring. Probably easier to look at bandwidth first, to gauge what level of throughput you are getting.

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  • I would also look at the specific driver you are using - I would expect anything going to RDS has an x64 driver and that is the one you should be using.

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