SSIS Package with a Derived Column

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  • I make it a practice to open SSIS and SSDT as administrator to avoid annoying permission errors. This error seems to appear most frequently during the Data Flow process.

    This does seem to be necessary since the introduction of the .ipsac file with the move to the project mode of development and deployment.  It is annoying, however, and in my view reflects poorly on the project.  However, I'm otherwise a big fan of the changes, so I'll make due.  Hopefully this is on the list of things to be "corrected" for a future release.

  • RonKyle - Tuesday, February 6, 2018 7:46 AM

    However, I'm otherwise a big fan of the changes, so I'll make due.

    Make do vs. make due


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  • Thanks for sharing useful Info Thomas.
    I had a case recently in my org where data is moved to SQL Server already but coming towards the derived column part, one challenge I saw in my company recently was: Calculate the difference in price per square foot relative to the two immediate neighbors.
    This one is like  you need to know the data from previous or next rows to make this calculation. Is there any easy way to achieve this?

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