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  • Hi,

    I have SSIS on server1 and the database on Sever2. When I try to run the package it runs successfully however when you run it from the web server it says sp_start_job 'job_name' does not exist as the package is on server1 but needs to connect to the databases on server2.

    What am I missing? Hope this makes sense.



  • Have you created a job executing this package in a step? I know this may seem obvious, but could be missed.

    If not, you can try using the following SSISDB stored procedures to execute your package:



  • You may have solved it by now, but I was wondering if the web server was trying to look locally for the job rather than remotely submit the job on server1.



  • It turns out the web server is calling two stored procedures and as this was a migration from a single server (SQL and SSIS) to two seperate servers. The stored procedures had to be modified to explicitly call the SQL database server. This wasn't necessary when everything was on the same server.



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