SSIS Package Issue using ODBC Data Source

  • I have a SSIS package with the following Connections:

    1. ODBC Connection to 32 bit MS Windows System DSN that is connecting to Azure Databricks via Microsoft Spark Driver
    2. OLEDB Connection to MS SQL Server

    The Windows DSN tests successful, & all SSIS Connections test successfully.

    I added the SSIS Data flow that contains the following:

    1. ODBC source using ODBC connection
    2. OLEDB destination using OLEDB connection

    The ODBC source in the Data Flow immediately warns the following "Row by Row fetch method is enforced because the table has LOB column(s). Column content is LOB <column name>". The column it reports as LOB is actually just text with character count max 500. No errors reported.

    Once I start the debug process it cancels almost immediately reporting the following output:


    The progress of the debug never proceeds past Validating the Data Flow Task, just sits at 0 percent complete.


    Any ideas why this SSIS package will not debug or execute? If I'm in the wrong forum please accept my apologies.

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • In SSIS, on the data flow, check the properties, and set the ValidateExternalMetadata property of a data flow component, make it False so that it continues with the execution of package.

    Also change the destination to OLE DB Destination to properly handle LOB columns.


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