SSIS package fails silently on server but works if I run it manually.

  • Hi,

    I have two calls to stored procedures that in an SSIS package fails silently. They are simply not executed in production but works fine in test, nothing happens and the sql server agent reports that everything has gone just fine.

    In test they have 1 server with db A and B. No issue here.

    In prod they have 2 servers with db A and B. On server 1 sql server agent executes a job that includes an SSIS package that on server 2 runs a couple of sp's. That user is db owner on server 2 db B and yet nothing happens. The sp's are not executed.

    If I in prod run the job manually then it works, but not when run with the sql server agent account that as said is even db owner.

    Any idéas? 🙂


  • Please will you configure the job step that runs the package to output to a file, and then post the contents of the file. Don't forget to obfuscate any security information or other sensitive data before posting.


  • It turned out that the information I'd been given was not enough for this task, I'm learning a new customers system. There was a separate job that also needed to be updated that was overwriting my logging so everything in fact was running just fine. Thanks anyway thou.

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