SSIS Package Error - VS_ISBroken

  • Hi,

    I'm using the following :

    SQLServer 2005

    SSIS Version 9.00.4035.00

    I have a data flow task within an existing SSIS pkg.

    The data flow task loads data from a source xml file to serveral realtional destination tables.

    A new data item has been added to the source xml file. Therefore, I created an extra column in the appropriate destination table to accomodate the new data item and recreated the .xsd file.

    I mapped the new item in the source xml to the new column in the table.

    I keep experiencing the following errors :

    The external metadata column "GroupReference" (1812) has no mapping to the XML schema

    "component "XML Source" (1)" failed validation and returned validation status "VS_ISBROKEN"

    The only way to get rid of the errors is to re-create the data flow task from scratch.

    What have I done wrong/how can I eliminate the error??

    Thanks in advance.

  • Has the XML schema been updated?


  • Rt clk on the Source/destination and choose advanced editor.. then in the columns check the properties of Input and output columns... That might help you resolve the error.. that msg normally appears when the metadata isn't updated with the recent changes..

  • Hi Elliott,

    Yes the schema has been updated. When I open up the .xsd file I can see the new column.

    I think maybe what is needed here is the correct order in which to do things when a new column is added to the source xml file, and how I then map that column to the database table column?

    I think I may have done things in the wrong order an now SSIS is throwing a wobbly.



  • Hi divyanth,

    When i view the advanced editor i can see the new column in both the input and output columns of both the source and destination.



  • Hi,

    Please close this thread. i've have solved the problem.

    The problem was, as usual, me!


  • It would have helped readers understand what the issue was. Could you briefly describe what your solution was?

  • I had this error after deploying the updated package without deploying the new xsd.  The error was resolved after deploying the new xsd.

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