SSIS logging using SQL Server Log Provider

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to log my packages execution using the built-in SSIS logging mechanism.

    (BIDS -> SSIS -> Logging)

    When configuring the text file, XML log provider, everything's logged as configured and it's working as expected.

    However when configuring the SQL Server log, either with a known working connection configuration or creating a new one from scratch, the sysssislog table remains empty.

    (The Windows event provider also do not log anything else but I need to use the SQL logging provider)

    Opening the package dtsx file in notepad and searching for the log provider still shows the SQL Server log provider.

    Closing the "Configure SSIS Logs: PackageName" windows and opening it again still shows the SQL log provider configured but logs nothing.

    Sysadmin logins are used to access SQL Server to avoid any security issue at the moment of implementing the package, so I would think privileges aren't an issue here.

    (And I have Windows administrator privileges on the computer running it)

    Using the same account as the connection manager using in SSIS, I can log inside SSMS and do whatever I need (sysadmin also)

    I've read BOL and I didn't find anything unusual about the SQL Server log provider

    I'm using SS2k8R2 x64

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you!

  • I'll do something else instead, don't try looking.

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