SSIS in Visual Studio File and Folder Structure

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    I had an oddball question I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. In Visual Studio, when a project gets created and worked on, etc., a folder and file structure appears on your machine (obviously I know). What I am looking for is definitions of the file types, folder uses, etc. i.e. there is a folder in the solution called .vs, what is its purpose? what files are contained in there? Same with BIN and OBJ. What is a .database file or .dtproj/.dtproj.user? Things like that. Does such a site exist? I have been googling but not finding much help.

    Our ultimately goal is to learn what all these are to find out what we can potentially exclude in our gitignore file for deploying code to Azure Devops and such. Many of which we know like .dtsx is obviously the package and .conmgr is the connection manager. It would just be nice to see a Microsoft site or something that we can reference.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you in advance!


  • These are the only things we keep.

    • .sln - paths to the projects (.dtproj)
    • .dtproj - contains a listing of all the objects in your project
    • .dtsx - ssis packages
    • .conmgr - project level connection managers
    • .params - project level params
    • Also package parts if you use them
    • .git - source control

    bin will have the ispac files that you can use for deployment.

    obj is just a copy of the project objects and a build log.

    Our git ignore excludes bin, obj, user configs (.suo), .vs, .vspscc, .vssscc


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